"Autism Ribbon"
"Autism Ribbon"

"Autism Ribbon"

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Rhinestone Transfer 

This "Autism Ribbon" Rhinestone Transfer is approximately 5.9" inches wide and is 11.2' inches high .

Application instructions:

-Top layer is clear which holds the design in place. The yellow or white paper is the bottom and keeps the clear, sticky layer from coming in with unwanted surfaces.

-Turn the Transfer so that the yellow or white is on the top. Separate a corner from the clear layer. Using a finger to hold the clear layer in place, SLOWLY peel the yellow or white paper toward the opposite corner. Do this SLOWLY!

-With the sticky side down, place Transfer on to the fabric. Using care, the transfer can be re-positioned at this point. 

- Using a clean Teflon sheet on top of the Transfer if you have one, press medium to firm pressure.

-Allow the pressed transfer to cool before SLOWLY removing the clear paper. As the paper is being removed, examine the design and the paper to be certain that all parts have bonded to the fabric and none remain on the paper. If some parts are not bonded, stop the removal process, lay the paper back down and re-press. 

-Heat Press (Temperatures : 340° - 360° - Time 10- 15 seconds)